Monday, April 13, 2009

At Last

I have, at last, started a blog. It was the desire to procrastinate my history paper that finally made me do it. I hope this blog will accomplish several things. First, I intend to use it to keep family and friends updated about our life, especially Sophie. She is learning and growing so quickly and I want everyone to know about it! Second, my wish is that those who follow this blog will find it at least somewhat entertaining and interesting. Who knows, maybe this will help others procrastinate on their own projects. Third, I want to practice my writing and get better at expressing myself that way. Finally, I want to show off my tech savvy to Loren by running this blog. I doubt he'll be impressed, but there's no harm in trying!

Regarding the title, "grow where you're planted" is something my dad first said to me when I was starting my first year at Wellesley. I was nervous and homesick and questioning my decision to attend college so far away from everything familiar. He told me to blossom and grow at Wellesley, to do my best right where I was and to not be afraid to shine. I still need to remember that advice today. Last year has been full of surprises - some good, some bad. I am trying my best to flourish in Bountiful, to enjoy being a mom and to focus on the future, not regret the past. When we move to Boston this August, Loren and I will need to adjust to our new lives, try our best in all our endeavors and grow where we will be planted.

So, more posts will come and I hope the blog will stay fun and be updated regularly. Now, I better get back to my history paper...