Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last Days (at Wellesley)

As I'm sure you can imagine, my last few weeks at Wellesley were filled with end-of-year and end-of-college activities. I'm not sure if I got the events in chronological order, but here's a run-down of the highlights. First up, hoop rolling. This is an annual tradition at Wellesley where the seniors race across part of campus while rolling hoops. The winner gets thrown into the lake, but is supposed to be the first to achieve her dreams. Through a series of miscommunications I didn't end up with my own hoop, but my good friend Cyndhia let me share hers. And let's face it, I was carrying Sophie so I didn't have a chance of winning anyway.

The leaders coming down the hill.

Can you spot Sophie and I?

Struggling to get a family picture. "Don't pull Daddy's hair, Sophie!"

My friend, Amy, and I. She's from Utah, just like me!

Sophie loved being by the lake.

Making the Olympic rings with friends Anagha, Dora, Kimberley, me, Kate and Cyndhia.

Maybe someday Sophie will participate in hoop rolling as a student?

On the last day of classes there was step-singing, a bbq and a concert. Step-singing is also a Wellesley tradition where everyone gathers to sing together, but each class also has it's own cheer and taunts the other classes. Here is some of the gathering.

Cyndhia and I. The seniors actually get to stand on the steps, while the other classes are below them.

Afterward we went to check out the Senior prank decorations in the History department. Lincoln is thinking, "History has been good to me" while adorned in yellow accessories, my class color.

Then there was the Matt and Kim concert, where Gina was rocking out. They were really good, but so loud!

Me with Cyndhia, Kimberley and Nandita at the concert.

Finally, Loren and I went to Senior Gala, which was one of the events of Senior Week, after everyone else had left campus. It was at a restaurant on the waterfront.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Easter Happenings

Here I am again, planning another catch-up post. But since I last wrote I've been pretty busy, what with graduating from college and all. Cum laude. With honors. But I digress. My wonderful cousin took my "official" graduation pictures and since I haven't seen them yet, I thought I would pass the time by trying to get the blog up to speed. Again.

We ended up having a pretty eventful Easter, thanks to two egg hunts, plus Easter Sunday itself. The festivities kicked off with an egg hung put on by our church playgroup. The weather was a little chilly, but Sophie had a great time. I present Easter Egg Hunt #1: A Series

Sophie is sad. Why?

Because she doesn't have any eggs, obviously.

She did cheer up enough to pose for a lovely spring picture.

Let the hunting begin!

The second egg hunt was put on by our friends, the Gentry's. The weather didn't cooperate this time either. The hunt was scheduled to be outside, but since it was raining all the kids got to run around Christian and Laci's house! And let me tell you, they did not skimp on the prizes. The eggs were crammed full of yummy candy, plus they had pencils and bubbles for the kids to find, plus super delicious cookies for everyone.

Sophie and the host, yukking it up for the camera. Ignore me in the background.

Waiting while the Easter bunny finished his preparations outside the room. Sophie is showing off her new camera smile, in which she scrunches up her face and puts on a big smile.

Posing with her basket.

Sophie took over Berkeley's chair to enjoy her spoils.

I saved the best picture for last...

Happy Easter!