Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Apple Picking

I have been waiting to post this until we used all of our apples, so I could report on what I made with them. On Sunday I finally used the last of them! I ended up making: apple crisp, apple pie, applesauce, caramel apple pudding cake and apple cobbler. The apple crisp was my favorite, but the homemade applesauce was really good, as was the caramel apple pudding cake. Anyway, I had to list what I made so people could appreciate how many apples we came home with after going apple picking with our church playgroup. We had been picking once before in 2009, but didn't go last year. Apple picking is quite the tradition here and I wanted Sophie to experience it before we leave, so we were happy to have the opportunity to go with our friends. Sophie had a great time running around, climbing up the ladders and of course, eating apples.

The mini pickers, getting ready to head out

The new poster girl for apple orchards?

Climbing up the ladder. She wanted to climb all the way to the top of every ladder she got on, so I constantly had to talk her down!

The orchard we went to also had pears, pumpkins and cider doughnuts, which are the best reward for carrying around a heavy bag of apples. We had a great time picking - welcome fall!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Money Smarts

"Sophie, where did you get your sucker from?"

- "From the quarter store."

"What store is that?"

- "The store where you get money and suckers."

"I think you mean the bank."

Can you tell we have coin-operated laundry facilities?