Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sophie Update Part 2

Here is the promised conclusion to my previous blog post. After Loren and I finished school it was really all about Sophie's birthday and visiting family. I don't have any pictures from our visit to my family in January and if my parents sent me any they are in my email and it would be too much of a hassle to put them up.... Anyway....

Sophie's second 2nd birthday celebration was in West Virginia with Loren's mom, younger sister and older sister and family.

Sophie's sweet cousins made her a special train for her birthday

We missed most of the major snowstorms at home since we were gone in January, but the big piles of snow stuck around for quite a while

Playing in the snow at the library

Sophie made some doggie friends

Trying to be like daddy - she put the mouse and power cord next to her computer

Waiting for mommy, pop pop and our friend Aubrey to start a Valentine's Day race

Sophie also went on more long, solitary walks

A team fit for the circus!

Ready for her first day of daycare! We have decided to put Sophie in daycare one day a week to help us with babysitting and let her spend more time around kids her own age. So far she seems to love it.

With Ann at daycare

Hat hair

Happy Birthday to mommy!

She knows she's the best gift of all

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sophie Update Part 1

Warning: This post is basically a barrage of pictures, not in the order I wanted, to showcase what Sophie has been up to for the past few months. I realized that I didn't post any pictures from this past fall, so eat your heart out now. This post covers until we left for Christmas Break.

Here is what Sophie has been doing:

Having a happy 2nd birthday, part 2/3

Going to the Aquarium to celebrate

Making new penguin friends

Having a happy 2nd birthday, part 1/3

Partying with her friends - she runs with a sophisticated, older crowd

Taking her birthday celebration very seriously

Going to the Harvard-Yale game

Being cold in the Harvard Stadium

Practicing her undressing skills

Apparently not enjoying Wellesley Fall Welcome

Going on long, solitary walks

Using her charms to get food and attention

Dressing up as a tiger for our ward's Halloween party

And the bunny shall lie down with the tiger...

Picking out pumpkins that unfortunately never got carved

Hanging out at Wellesley's Lake Day celebration

Going to Flower Sunday at Wellesley and showing off her black eye

Watching a neighborhood street festival

Going to a picnic at Harvard

Making her parents look bad by displaying the black eye she got when she pulled a stool down on her face

Supporting mom at Convocation

I hope you enjoyed your journey backwards through time. Next time I'll try and catch you up to the present.