Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sherilyn's Day and Memorial Day

Loren is at a bachelor party tonight so I have no excuse to keep me from chipping away at bringing the blog up to date. The weekend after I finished my exams we took a trip to Denver to celebrate Sherilyn's (Loren's little sister) high school graduation. We also helped Sherilyn and Marianne (Loren's mom) get packed and ready to move to West Virginia. I know Loren was sad because it was our last trip to Colorado for a long time and that will always be his home, but it was great to see Sherilyn graduate and we were happy we could help with the move.

Sophie made it through the graduation ceremony with the help of her cousins, who fed her bits of graham cracker, but she conked out right after it was over.

Part of the McGinnis (and Nelson) family

Us with the proud graduate

Cut to Memorial Day. We had a relaxing family day, took Sophie to a cool park and went on a walk to the beautiful Mount Auburn cemetery. We finished the day with hot dogs, yum!

The Mary Baker Eddy Memorial

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life is full of surprises

Two amazing things happened yesterday:

1. Sophie let me rock her to sleep for a nap. That has not happened in months because we have trained her to fall asleep on her own in the crib, plus she is usually way too fidgety to sit still on anyone's lap. I felt very proud and happy that she let me cuddle her and put her to sleep. This is a more typical view of Sophie:

2. I ironed the big pile of wrinkly clothes that was in our closet. I rarely, bordering on never, iron. That's mostly because I'm too lazy, not because I enjoy wearing wrinkled clothes. Loren was very impressed.

Oh and also I lost my voice. Right now I am reduced to whispering and Loren keeps telling me not to talk at all (because he hates the way I sound). Now would be a bad time to call me on the phone. This is also surprising because I don't think I have ever lost my voice like this.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Missed May

I started off the year by doing so well on blog posts, but that streak was snapped in May. It could have had something to do with my end of the semester exhaustion and the stress of two students in the same apartment both dealing with finals and a busy toddler... but also I've just been a little lazy. To make up for it, I offer a collection of pictures from both April and May to sketch a faint outline of what the McGinnis family has been up to.

Marathon Monday at Wellesley - it's tradition for all the students to cheer on the runners of the Boston Marathon

The sign says, "Kissing since 1897" because all the students offer kisses to the runners. Sophie had a sign that said, "Kiss me I'm getting a tooth." Sadly, it was ineffective.

"Quiet as a clam" - Sophie at 16 months

I took at canoeing class to fulfill a PE credit. It was so fun!

My partner Caroline

Looking at the Wellesley campus from the other side of the lake

Happy 21st Birthday Loren!

I made him apple pie

Happy Mother's Day! Loren got me Gilmore Girls Season 2

Coming up: our trip to Denver and Memorial Day activities