Sunday, September 5, 2010

Boston Breakers Game

Yesterday we went to a college volleyball game. I played volleyball in high school and sometimes really miss playing, so it was kind of bittersweet to go to the game. Sophie had a great time though and was by far the cutest spectator. That was only the second sporting event she has been to. The first was a Boston Breakers game we went to in August. The Breakers are Boston's professional women's soccer team. They play in the giant Harvard football stadium. I'm not sure how much of the soccer game Sophie could see since we were sitting kind of high up, so she mostly amused herself by climbing around on the cement bleacher benches (thankfully she didn't ever fall and hurt herself). As a bonus to the nice weather and fun time we all had, Boston won the game, 2-0 against Atlanta (I think).

View of the Charles River, walking over to the game

We walked past the very fancy Harvard Business School and couldn't pass up a shot in front of the beautiful campus

I think Sophie should be a baby model

She loved cheering so whenever people clapped, regardless of for what team, Sophie would enthusiastically join in. We also taught her to say "Go!" and move her arms. We must have taught her well because she did the same thing at the volleyball game.

It was a fun family outing!