Monday, April 19, 2010

Maple Sugaring

This month, or possibly at the end of March, some friends from church invited us to go to a maple sugaring farm in New Hampshire. As the spring temperatures warm up the sap starts to run. We ate a humongous breakfast at the restaurant first and then went on a short tour of the maple sugaring barn. We actually couldn't hear very much of the tour, but the food and company were good, so I think the trip was well worth it. It's always nice to get out sometimes.

Sophie with her twin Caitlin Yamamoto and her sister Megan on the swing. Grumpy!

Loren's pose is very manly, look at how his shoulders are thrown back

We are trying to teach Sophie how to use utensils. It's a messy business.

Sleeping like a baby. This was the first time we saw her do this, but then after this it's happened two or three more times. We just laugh and then move all her limbs back into the crib.


It's still April, so I'm improving slightly in the promptness of my posts. We had a wonderful Easter this year. On Saturday we dyed eggs, which Sophie didn't like because she wasn't allowed to touch the eggs. Then the Easter Bunny came Sunday morning and brought lots of candy and a toy laptop for Sophie. That night some friends from Wellesley came and ate Easter dinner with us. It was my first time making a holiday dinner and I may have overextended myself slightly, but everything was delicious and we had a great time!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Like Father, Like Daughter

Nintendo and Computers. Oh no, Sophie. People have always said she reminds them of Loren...

February Catch Up

February is a busy month - my mom's birthday, Valentine's Day, my birthday, etc. Let's just say it gets a little stressful for Loren because he constantly has to buy me presents. Poor Loren. That being said, it's full of exciting things and we had lots of fun doing them. Here are two events that I am slow blogging about, but didn't want to forget to mention.

1. Wellesley's annual Waltz n' Schmaltz

This is a dance that the Wellesley LDSSA hosts every year for other members of the student ward. Loren and I were special guests since we're not in the ward, but I am in the LDSSA (technically, even though I'm lax about participating). We had a wonderful time and it brought back fun memories of our first year.

What a sharp looking family!

The Wellesley LDSSA: Gina, Maryn, Kirsten, Kelsey, me, Kristal and Jesyka (minus Arbor who is on her mission)
2. My 21st birthday! I had a great birthday, thanks to Loren and my friends. Maryn and Kelsey made me cookies which we ate during institute and then Loren, Sophie and I went out to dinner that night. Sophie wasn't on her best behavior, but she must not have realized how important a day it was. Loren got me a beautiful dress, which I unfortunately had to exchange because it was too short, but he gest an A++ for the effort. Marianne sent me some of her beautiful, homemade scrapbook pages and my family sent their presents with my mom when she came to visit the next week.

No alcohol for this 21-year old!

Sophie got a kick out of my birthday card with sound

My beautiful cake that Loren made and decorated all by himself - thank you lovey!