Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sophie's Summer Activities

Hello devoted blog readers,

My husband recently complained that my blog is too much like a Flikr account, i.e. it's just a collection of pictures without any "deep thoughts." That point is well taken, but I have to catch all of you up on semi-recent happenings first and then I will spend more time pontificating. Since I'm not in school this summer, I have had a lot more time to spend with Sophie and we have been able to attend all the activities we had to miss during the school year. Here are some of the things we have been doing:

Strawberry Picking at a farm with our church playgroup

Spending a Saturday afternoon on the Boston Common, riding the Swan Boats

In case Sophie's face didn't give it away, she did not like the Swan Boats. That's mostly because she doesn't like sitting still, something that is obviously necessary while on a boat.

Playing in the water with the playgroup

Sophie had kind of a hard time with the fountains. As long as the water didn't shoot too high she was fine, but whenever it did she got trapped in the middle and ran out crying with her hands up.

The park had an awesome teeter-totter!

Let me know if you agree with Loren's opinion and if I need more thoughts to balance out all the pictures.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Castle Island

We took an afternoon trip to Castle Island and Fort Independence in June. It's great to live so close to the ocean and it was my first time going to a beach in Massachusetts. I guess I forgot where we were because I was fully anticipating getting in the water and playing in the waves. Wrong! The beach was kind of rocky and the water, of course, was freezing! Sophie was deterred at first, but gradually warmed up to splashing around and ended up having a great time. After our fun in the sun was over, we went to a family-run hamburger joint there and had a yummy, unhealthy dinner. It was a good outing!

Us with the fort in the background. We couldn't go in because they only give tours on Saturdays. John Adams christened it Fort Independence, changing the name from Castle William. This was where colonial governors came to hide out when condition in Boston were thought to be unfavorable or dangerous.

Sophie loved looking at the water. She would have tried to jump in if we had let her.

Logan Airport, practically in the ocean

After a while she got sand on herself, so I filled one of the cups up with water and washed her off. She then repeated that over and over, splashing cold water (and more sand) on herself :)

Wellesley Reunion

The first weekend in June I was a student worker for Wellesley's reunion weekend. I didn't get paid very much and it was really hot all weekend, but the annual alumnae parade on Sunday morning made up for it. Classes have a reunion every five years, so this year's group was all the classes ending in a 0 or 5. The oldest graduates were from the class of 1935! It was really inspiring to see the legacy and sisterhood of Wellesley on display and to feel a connection to all of these accomplished women. Pretty soon that will be me in the parade!