Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Swimming Lessons

I am trying to take advantage of the summer weather, so Sophie and I bought swim passes for all the city pools, plus I signed her up for two weeks of swimming lessons.  She's done lessons before, but they were always parent-child classes where I was in the water with her.  Now that she's four, she's old enough to have lessons without me, which was supposed to be exciting, but has turned into kind of a mixed bag.  For proof, I direct your attention to the videos.

Of course, now that the lessons are nearly done, Sophie finally seems to be getting the hang of things, for the most part.  She was asked to leave her class on Monday because she was being disruptive (i.e. throwing a fit about having to put her head under the water), but today she let her teacher dunk her.  That's progress, right?  Being a parent and trying so hard to plan fun things for your child is exhausting and often feels completely not worthwhile!  Just listen to your teacher and participate, for heaven's sake!  But, whether she likes it or not, Sophie will learn how to swim, so what will we do?  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...