Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Summer at Warp Speed

Last weekend we moved the computer desk from the third bedroom/playroom upstairs, to the master bedroom, which is downstairs.  I have high hopes this will encourage me to blog/work/stay on top of things more, so in that spirit, here are a few pictures from summer (yikes!).  At any rate, it's certainly not unpleasant to dream of warmer weather.

First up, a trip to Lagoon, the local, legendary theme park, in June

Hanging out at Lagoon-A-Beach

I think this was right before we went on Rattlesnake Rapids and got soaked

As I recall, Sophie handled the bumper cars pretty well, as long as her car kept moving 

Next, we went to our first big ward activity since moving to Boise.  It was a ward campout at the end of June. At that point, we still didn't really know anybody, so we opted to drive up for dinner on Friday night, but spent the night at home in our comfy beds.

There was a motorcycle for the kids, which Sophie was disconcertingly unafraid to speed around on

At the end of July, Sophie participated in a fun run at the Boise Zoo, which is actually called Zoo Boise.  Strange, I know.  The race was appropriately called, "Run Wild at Zoo Boise."  The race route wound through the zoo and had an older and younger age group.  Sophie requested that we not follow her along the course, but come on, I wasn't going to trust my 3.5 year old to simply meet me at the finish line.  She might have made it, but she also might have gotten sidetracked or frustrated and ended up stopping at some point along the course, where she could have been eaten by a zoo animal.  (Just testing to see if people are actually reading this.)  So, as a responsible parent, I tried to surreptitiously follow behind her.  Although she wasn't fooled and kept turning around to tell me to go away, she ran most of way and got a medal and some breakfast at the finish line.

Thankfully, our new ward has a playgroup, just like our old one, so that helped Sophie and I make some friends.  I think this picture is so funny in it's accuracy.  It sums up Sophie's personality quite nicely.  Yes, she is that lone child who turned around and wouldn't cooperate for the picture.  So much force of will.

Our friends, L and S, came to visit from Boston!  Alright, they didn't come just to visit us, but it was so nice to see some familiar faces.

At a Boise Hawks baseball game, an outing sponsored by Loren's employer.  Not quite sure why my hair looks so un-feminine, but don't worry, I'm now growing it out!


  1. What a good parent, she definitely would have gotten eaten. ;)

  2. Go Sophie! I didn't hear you guys moved to Boise, wow very cool. I see Tyson in that last pic :)