Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fall 2012

For your viewing pleasure, a photo dump showing some of our autumnal activities in Boise:

Checking out City Hall Plaza

Can you see her expression?  So much attitude!



Having fun in our new abode; that window is next to our front door

We went to St. George in October to watch my dad run the marathon.  As a bonus, the condo we stayed at had a pool

The attitude also came to St. George

We went to a corn maze with our friends

There were rides too!

Sophie and her dear friend, H.

At the maze we mostly confined ourselves to getting pumpkins from the patch, trying the rides and taking pictures, with only a short time spent in the maze at the end of the night

Another selfie.  Sophie loves that her parents now have smart phones

Sophie got a kite and flying it was a special activity for her and Loren.  I say "was" because the kite is currently broken

Also, on another flight it got majorly stuck in a tree and required a two-man rescue effort.  Maybe it would be for the best if we got a different kite.

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