Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Volunteering at Robie

Last Saturday my dad and I volunteered at the Race to Robie Creek half marathon starting line.  We ran the race, billed as the "toughest half marathon in the Northwest", last year, but opted to just volunteer this year.  We got a free shirt for helping out, which was a nice incentive.

This is just one side of the line of Port-a-Potties

Let me tell you, it was the easiest gig ever.  We showed up at 9:30 as instructed, then basically stood around for two hours, periodically checking to see if any of the garbage cans needed to be emptied.  Only one can actually made it to that point.  Luckily it was a nice, warm day so it wasn't too onerous to just hang around outside.

I had time to take a selfie showing off my shirt 

The best part of Robie was that it brought L and S to town to run!  And even better than that, I finally got to meet their sweet baby!!

This year's race theme was "Killer Queen."  The course basically runs to the top of a mountain, then down the other side, so it was the "hill" that was the killer.  My shining volunteer moment came when I held one end of a rope to keep the runners back, while a drag Marie Antoinette literally (i.e. on a surfboard) surfed through the crowd to the starting line.  S/he gave a rousing speech, I pulled the rope back and they were off.  It was a not too shabby way to get a free shirt and some Vitamin D.

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